Editorial Policy

The following editorial policy applies to all health content on familydoctor.org, the American Academy of Family Physician's patient education website.

Qualifications of authors/reviewers and sources of health content:

Authors and reviewers of health content:

  • Must have related work experience in developing or reviewing health-related content for a consumer audience.
  • May be physicians, nurses, other health care providers, and/or professional editors with a clinical background.

The AAFP requires that content from external sources that is displayed on familydoctor.org must meet the same development criteria that the AAFP applies to the content that it develops internally.

Editorial review process for health content:

Health content displayed on familydoctor.org is developed as follows:

  • Content is authored by a professional writer/editor/producer who has a background in clinical development, health care writing, or by a physician or other health care provider.
  • Content is often reviewed by other health care providers who serve as subject matter experts.
  • Content is always reviewed by a professional editor who has a background in clinical development and by at least one physician whose specialty is family medicine.

The names of the editorial review team members on familydoctor.org are available at http://familydoctor.org/familydoctor/en/about/web-team.html.

Updated: 11/09