RIGHTchoices Partnerships

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recognizes that consumer products companies can have significant influence over consumer health. That’s why the AAFP created the RIGHTchoices program as a way to partner with companies who demonstrate a strategic focus on consumer health.

Through the RIGHTchoices program, the AAFP helps create an environment in which patients can empower themselves to optimize their health through educational materials and tools.

FamilyDoctor.org, the AAFP’s award-winning consumer health and wellness resource, is the fundamental core of RIGHTchoices. Through partnerships, the AAFP will continue to expand educational content that focuses on making better choices surrounding healthy eating, physical activity, well-being, and safety and prevention, as well as other ways to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Through RIGHTchoices, the AAFP can:

  • Help improve the health of all people in our national community.
  • Develop trusted and relevant health education materials and tools.
  • Reinforce positive health messages to more people.

AAFP supports and follows the Council of Medical Specialty Societies (CMSS) Code for Interaction with Companies. This voluntary code is designed to ensure that societies’ interactions with companies are independent and transparent, and advance medical care for the benefit of patients and populations. This document, an annual report to the AAFP’s Congress of Delegates, provides additional information about the AAFP’s sources of non-dues revenue.

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For more information about RIGHTchoices, please contact:

RaeLynn Gochnauer
(913) 906-6000, ext. 4475

Updated: 11/13