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FamilyDoctor.org Web Team

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Medical Editor
Robert B. Kelly, M.D., M.S.

Associate Medical Editor
Frank J. Domino, M.D.

Medical Advisory Panel
Carolyn Lopez, M.D.
Carolyn Thiedke, M.D.
Nereida Correa, M.D.
Rebecca Jaffe, M.D.
Robert Carr, M.D.
Saria Saccocio, M.D.
Terry Davis, Ph.D.

Division Director, Content and Digital Optimization

Susanna E. Guzman

Managing Editor
Angelike Gaunt

Content Strategists
Kelly Gilmore
Katherine Krause
Ashley White

Content Specialists

Penny LaRocque
Karen Montemayor
Jane Thomas

Enterprise Search Strategist 
Garrett Nafzinger

Gordon Schmittling

User Experience Designers
Stephanie Chapel
Nick Mosher

Senior CMS Developer/Analyst
Carl Lehman

Web Development Manager
Gretchen Schultz

Application Support Manager
Shannon Merritt

Software Development Manager
Chris Hooper

Help Desk Manager
Tammie Davis

Spanish Translation
HolaDoctor, Inc.