Down Syndrome | Causes & Risk Factors


Are some people more likely than others to have a baby who has Down syndrome?

If you have already had a baby who has Down syndrome, you are more likely to have another one. For every 100 couples who have another baby, 1 will have another who has Down syndrome. If you have been diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality, you also have an increased risk of having a baby who has Down syndrome.

Additionally, the risk of Down syndrome increases with the age of the mother, as shown in this table:

Risk of Down Syndrome

Mother's age Chance of having a baby with Down syndrome
20 years 1 in 1,667
25 years 1 in 1,300
30 years 1 in 950
35 years 1 in 365
40 years 1 in 100
45 years 1 in 30


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