Ectopic Pregnancy | Causes & Risk Factors


Who is at risk for an ectopic pregnancy?

Anyone who can get pregnant can have an ectopic pregnancy, but you are more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy if:

  • You are older than 35 years of age
  • You have had infections (such as pelvic inflammatory disease) or operations in the pelvic area
  • You have endometriosis and are using assisted reproductive methods to become pregnant, such as in vitro fertizilation (IVF)
  • You smoke
  • You have a history of inflammation of the fallopian tubes or abnormally shaped fallopian tubes
  • You have had trouble getting pregnant or have had fertility treatment
  • You have had one or more ectopic pregnancies before


Diagnosis and Management of Ectopic Pregnancy by AM Lozeau, MD, MS, and B Potter, MD (American Family Physician November 01, 2005,

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Created: 07/06