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Is endometriosis harmful to me?

Some studies have found that endometriosis may put you at a higher risk of getting ovarian cancer.  It also might make it harder to get pregnant.

What about pregnancy?

Some women who have endometriosis have trouble getting pregnant. For some women, this means that it may take a little longer to get pregnant. Some other women may need surgery and/or other fertility treatments to help them get pregnant. If you have endometriosis and you plan to become pregnant, your doctor may advise you not to wait. Endometriosis can get worse as you get older, so your chances of getting pregnant may go down with time.

Usually, endometriosis symptoms go away while you’re pregnant.

It's important not to get pregnant while you're taking prescription medicine to treat endometriosis. And if you want to get pregnant after the treatment is over, these medicines don't improve your chances of getting pregnant. If you don't want to get pregnant after the treatment, you should keep using birth control.


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