Heart Failure | Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  • What is the likely cause of my congestive heart failure?
  • How serious is my condition?
  • How will my life change now that we know I have heart failure?
  • How will I know if my condition is getting worse? When should I contact you or seek treatment?
  • What is the best treatment option for me? Will I need medicine? Surgery?
  • What are the side effects of the medicines used to treat heart failure?
  • Will I need a heart transplant?
  • Is it safe for me to exercise? What kind of exercise should I do?
  • Should I make any lifestyle changes at home to reduce my risk of complications?


Reducing Readmissions for Congestive Heart Failure by RE Hoyt, CAPT, MC, USN, and LS Bowling, LTCR, MC, USN (American Family Physician May 15, 2001, http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010415/1593.html)

Written by familydoctor.org editorial staff

Reviewed/Updated: 03/14
Created: 09/00