Intrauterine Growth Restriction | Questions to Ask Your Doctor

  • How often do I need an ultrasound?
  • Is my baby underweight?
  • Does he/she have intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)?
  • What is the likely cause of IUGR?
  • Do I/Does my baby need treatment? What treatment do you recommend?
  • Will I need to deliver early? Will I need a C-section?
  • What lifestyle changes can I make at home to make sure my baby is healthy?
  • After my baby is born, what health problems is he/she likely to have?
  • Will my baby need special care? Will he/she need to stay in the hospital?


Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Identification and Management by David Peleg, M.D., Collen M. Kennedy, M.D., and Stephen K. Hunter, M.D., PH.D. (American Family Physician August 01, 1998,

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Reviewed/Updated: 03/14
Created: 09/00