Intrauterine Growth Restriction | Symptoms


Do all small babies have IUGR?

No. About one-third of the babies who are small at birth have IUGR. The rest of them don't have IUGR--they're just smaller than normal. Just like there are different sizes of infants, children and adults, there are also different sizes of babies in the uterus. Small babies tend to run in families. The parents or other children in the family may have been small when they were born, too.

What health problems does IUGR cause?

Babies who have IUGR are more likely to have certain health problems (both during pregnancy and after birth). Problems include:

  • A difficult time handling the stress of vaginal delivery
  • Increased risk of being stillborn
  • Low blood sugar level at birth
  • Lower resistance to infection
  • Trouble maintaining body temperature
  • An abnormally high red blood cell count

Will my baby grow up to be normal in height?

Your baby will probably catch up in size and have a normal height by about 2 years of age.


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