Kawasaki Disease | Complications


How serious is Kawasaki disease?

It can make you a little scared to find out your child has Kawasaki disease. Your child won't feel well, and the rash and other signs of Kawasaki disease may look scary. Just remember that most children who have Kawasaki disease get well with no problems.

However, Kawasaki disease can cause heart problems in 1 out of every 50 children affected by the disease. If your child gets heart problems from Kawasaki disease, your doctor will talk with you about any special care your child needs.

Kawasaki disease can also cause problems like swelling in your child's joints, but these problems usually go away without special treatment. It helps if your doctor finds out about the Kawasaki disease at an early stage and starts treatment soon. Early treatment means your child probably won't get lasting heart problems or joint problems.


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Created: 06/99