Kidney Cysts | Treatment


If I have a kidney cyst, what will my doctor want to do?

If you're not having any of the symptoms listed in the “Symptoms” section, and your kidney cyst is small, you may not need any treatment. Your doctor might want to check the cyst again with a CT scan in 6 to 12 months.

If you start having problems, your doctor might want you to have a CT or MRI scan of your kidney to see if the cyst is growing.

If the cyst on your kidney is large or if it contains calcifications (hard, stony pieces) or dense tissue, you might need to have CT scans every so often so that your doctor can watch for changes in the cyst.

Will I need surgery to remove a kidney cyst?

If a cyst on the kidney isn’t causing any problems, it probably won't need to be removed. If the cyst on your kidney is getting larger or if it’s causing problems, your doctor may send you to a urologist (a doctor who has special training in kidney problems).


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