Mastocytosis | Treatment


Can mastocytosis be treated?

There currently is no cure for mastocytosis, but treatment can help stop your symptoms.

Antihistamines (which are often used to treat allergies) are helpful. If a rash bothers you, your doctor may suggest that you be treated with ultraviolet light. If you have diarrhea, an oral version (taken by mouth) of a medicine called cromolyn sodium (brand name: Gastrocrom) may help relieve digestive problems.

The best treatment for mastocytosis may be to stay away from the things that seem to trigger your symptoms. It may help if you and your doctor list all the things that cause you to experience symptoms. Did your symptoms start after you were exposed to heat or cold? Felt stressed? Took a certain medicine? Got an insect bite? Share your list of triggers with your doctor.

Because mastocytosis can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people, it's a good idea to keep an emergency kit with you at all times so you can give yourself medicine to stop a dangerous reaction.


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