Peyronie’s Disease | Treatment


What can I do about the curve in my penis?

There is no cure for Peyronie's disease. Medicines like aminobenzoate potassium or vitamin E help some men. Aminobenzoate potassium is a prescription medicine. Vitamin E is available over the counter. If you take vitamin E, don't take more than your doctor tells you. Too much vitamin E won't help you with your problem. Too much vitamin E or aminobenzoate potassium can hurt your liver. Aminobenzoate potassium can also make you nauseous or take away your appetite.

Another treatment option is an intralesional injection. This means the doctor would give you a shot directly into the scar tissue. The shot contains the drug verapamil. Verapamil may help break down the scar tissue and allow new tissue to grow. These shots are usually given over 3 months.

Can surgery help?

Surgery might help men who have pain during erection or men who can't keep an erection long enough to have sex. There are several surgical procedures that can help. One option is to have a prosthesis (something to make the penis firm) put in the penis. The prosthesis helps make the penis straighter. It also helps erections last longer. Another option is to have the scar tissue removed from the penis. Your doctor can explain all surgical options and can help you decide which is best for you.


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