Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis | Treatment


How is PVNS treated?

The best way to treat PVNS is to remove the lining of the joint. This can be done with traditional surgery or with arthroscopy. In arthroscopy, the doctor makes a tiny cut in the skin over your joint. Then a thin tube is put into the joint to remove the lining.

Even with treatment, PVNS comes back about half the time. If the pain comes back again and again, radiation therapy may help. Sometimes, the joint must be completely replaced.

If the pain comes back, what can I do to feel better?

You can ease the pressure on the affected joint by resting it. For example, you might use crutches to keep weight off your sore knee or hip. Or you might need to stay off your feet. This may also relieve swelling. You can take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen (some brands: Advil, Motrin), aspirin and naproxen (one brand: Aleve) to ease the pain and swelling.


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Reviewed/Updated: 04/14
Created: 10/99