Post-traumatic Stress Disorder | Treatment


How is PTSD treated?

There are many treatments available. Learning about PTSD and talking to a mental health professional who is trained in treating PTSD can help. Support from family and friends is also an important part of treatment. Medicines for depression or anxiety may also be helpful. PTSD can lead to depression and substance abuse. These problems should be treated before or during PTSD treatment.

How long does PTSD last?

PTSD can be treated successfully. However, without treatment, it can last several months to many years, depending on what happened to you and how you feel about it.

What can I do to help myself recover?

  • Learn more about PTSD, and work with your doctor or therapist to get better.
  • Check your local phone directory or online for support groups in your area.


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Reviewed/Updated: 05/10
Created: 09/00