Sick Sinus Syndrome | Diagnosis & Tests


How does my doctor know that I have sick sinus syndrome?

Other medical problems can cause the same symptoms as sick sinus syndrome, so it's important to find out what is causing your symptoms. Your doctor may be able to tell whether you have sick sinus syndrome by doing some tests. One of these tests is electrocardiography (also called ECG). During this test, your doctor will have you lie down so your heart can be monitored. The ECG machine makes a picture, or tracing, that shows your heart's electrical signals. Your doctor may also have you wear a special monitor, called a Holter monitor, for a few days to keep track of your heart's electrical signals.


Diagnosis and Treatment of Sick Sinus Syndrome by V Adan, MD; LA Crown, MD (American Family Physician April 15, 2003,

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Created: 10/03