Tuberous Sclerosis | Symptoms


What are the symptoms of tuberous sclerosis?

Your doctor may suspect tuberous sclerosis if your baby has a condition called cardiac rhabdomyomas (benign heart tumors) at birth or starts to have seizures, especially a kind of seizure called infantile spasms.

Some signs of tuberous sclerosis can first appear later in childhood. These symptoms include:

  • White spots on the skin (called hypopigmented macules) that glow under a special lamp
  • A rash on the face (called facial angiofibromas) that may look like acne
  • Problems with the kidneys (associated with growths in the kidneys)
  • Areas of very thick skin
  • Growths under or around the nails
  • Coughing or shortness of breath
  • Mental disabilities or developmental problems


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