Vision Loss | Treatment


How can my doctor help me if my vision is changing?

Visit your doctor if vision problems keep you from doing your normal activities. He or she can recommend the right treatment for you, depending on what is causing your vision loss.

Your doctor can also help you find specialists to treat your vision problems. For many patients, a team approach is the best way to treat vision loss. Some of the specialists your doctor may recommend include:

  • An ophthalmologist to treat the eye disease causing the vision problems.
  • An optometrist to manage the vision problems.
  • A doctor specializing in low vision to prescribe optical aids, such as special magnifiers and telescopes.
  • A physical therapist to help you with balance and walking problems, and to teach you how to use a cane if you need one.
  • An occupational therapist to help you with normal daily activities and to teach you how to use optical aids.
  • A social worker or therapist to help you cope with the emotional issues of vision loss.


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Written by editorial staff

Reviewed/Updated: 05/14
Created: 09/09