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  • doctor with laptop counsels a young female patient at a desk

    Self-management: Taking Charge of Your Health

    One of the best ways to cope with a chronic illness is to take part in managing it. This can… over a long period of time—possibly your entire life. In many cases, there is no way to cure a chronic illness. Diabetes and high blood pressure are examples of…

  • Overweight female with fat folds under her bra clasp in the back


    Intertrigo is a rubbing of the skin in areas where the skin folds and becomes moist… develop in this area. It can make the rash worse. Intertrigo is most common in people who are overweight or who have diabetes. People who have splints, braces, or…

  • older couple stretching before exercise in a park

    Exercise and Seniors

    Some form of regular exercise is important for older adults… independent. It improves your balance. This prevents falls. It gives you more energy. It prevents or delays diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis. It can improve your mood and fight off depression. It…

  • Glycemic Index and Your Diet

    The glycemic index (GI) is a way to measure how fast the carbohydrates in a food will make your blood… are often more nutritious and better for you. Path to improved health The glycemic index was developed to help people who have diabetes control their blood sugar…

  • A older couple biking together outdoors

    What You Can Do to Maintain Your Health

    Good health can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions. Learn what you can do to maintain your health… nutrition has many benefits. By making healthier food choices, you can prevent or treat some conditions. These include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A healthy diet…

  • Older couple standing at counter, preparing a meal with healthy fruits and vegetables

    After 50: Nutritional Needs

    Don’t ignore your nutritional needs as you get older… fats (healthy oils), vitamins, minerals, and water. These things may help prevent some diseases. These include osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Path to Well Being Mindful eating is important after the…

  • A plate with healthy food cut in the shape of a rabbit with a side cup of fruit

    Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health

    Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced… to improve your eating habits for better nutrition: Do you have a health problem or risk factor, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high…

  • A close-up of a young woman who has cystic acne covering her jawline

    Acne | Isotretinoin

    Isotretinoin is a medicine used to treat very bad acne and it has certain side effects to consider… when you take it. Before taking isotretinoin, tell your doctor if you or anyone in your family has any of these conditions: Diabetes Asthma Liver disease Heart…

  • Fiber: How to Increase the Amount in Your Diet

    Fiber is a type of carbohydrate found in plants that aids in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It reduces… These include constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and diverticulitis. Dietary fiber can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some…

  • A father and daughter brushing their teeth together

    Mouth and Teeth: How to Keep Them Healthy

    Taking good care of your mouth and teeth can help prevent problems. You can do this by brushing and flossing… affect all of these things. Having a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums can also have overall health benefits. Systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart…

  • Pancreatic Cancer

    trying). Poor appetite. Dark, brown urine. Light-colored or greasy stools (poop). Itchy skin. Nausea, vomiting. Enlarged gallbladder or liver. Blood clots. Diabetes (it’s rare that pancreatic cancer causes diabetes if you didn’t already have it). What causes pancreatic cancer? No one knows

  • Man eating

    Men: Eat Right, Stay Healthy

    Men must follow the same healthy eating guidelines as women to stay well… body the nutrients it needs. It also helps keep weight under control and reduces your risk of chronic disease, including: Type 2 diabetes Stroke Metabolic syndrome Colon, kidney, liver and gallbladder cancers…

  • Group of children racing each other in the park

    Keeping Your Child Active

    It is important for your child to be active to overcome obesity and other health conditions… storing them as body fat. It maintains blood sugar levels. This is vital for children who have or are at risk for diabetes. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol…

  • bowl of fresh herbs, plus dried herbs and capsules on a table

    Drug-Nutrient Interactions and Drug-Supplement Interactions | Examples of Dietary Supplement Interactions

    Some dietary supplements can cause interactions with prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Learn which ones you should watch out for… Here are some dietary supplements that could cause problems with other medicines you may be taking. Bilberry Possible drug-supplement interaction with: Diabetes medicines. Can decrease blood sugar,…

  • Seniors playing memory games

    Brain Training for Seniors

    Exercising your brain is important to reduce your risk of developing dementia… injury, stroke, or disease, such as Alzheimer’s dementia (the no. 1 form of dementia). Other diseases, such as uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, can cause another form of dementia known as vascular dementia (the…

  • Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You're Pregnant

    Prenatal care means taking care of yourself and your baby before he or she is born, including living a healthy… appointment, urine and blood samples will be taken.  Urine tests check for bacteria, high sugar levels (which can be a sign of diabetes), and high…

  • young woman blowing her nose


    Antihistamines help stop allergy symptoms like itchy eyes and sneezing. They are available in both prescription and over-the-counter forms… safe for you. Ask your doctor if antihistamines are safe if you have a chronic disease or condition. This includes heart disease, diabetes, or high blood…

  • The paleo diet, often known as the "caveman diet," focuses on lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats.

    Paleo Diet

    paleo diet believe the body’s inability to adapt to this radical change in diet contributes to the widespread instances of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease today. Talk to your doctor before starting any new diet. Path to Improved Health The paleo diet focuses on