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Due to the heavy traffic and preferred status among health care teams, enjoys one of the best marketing tools you can’t buy—word-of-mouth referral. Sponsors leverage this status to help drive results.

Opportunities for sponsorship include Doctor’s Notes and the Symptom Checker. We also offer opportunities for sponsors to provide original content or to collaborate with the AAFP to develop powerful content focused on patient health.

Sponsored content goes through the same rigorous medical and editorial review process as health articles created by All content posted on must:

  • Meet the AAFP’s criteria for clarity, objectivity, and medical accuracy
  • Adhere to evidence-based medicine
  • Agree with AAFP policies and clinical practice guidelines
  • Express a family medicine perspective

AAFP Strategic Engagements
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Specifications for sponsored content

Item Required Recommended
Article Minimum of 4 paragraphs Mix of paragraphs and bullets
Article title length 55 characters or fewer
Article image 705 px high x 470 px wide 

Image size: Less than 2 MB

Resolution: 72 dpi

Video length 1-2 minutes
Video format File types: .mov or .mp4 Resolution: HD quality; 1920 x 1080 preferred. 

Provide video graphic elements separately, if applicable.

Web ad – Top 728 x 90 Static or animated
Web ad – Side 300 x 250 Static or animated
Links to other sites One link per piece of sponsored content. 

Linked content must be informational, not promotional.

Descriptive summary of article/topic (viewable on search and as link description) Approximately 155 characters