Exercise Basics

Looking to start an exercise routine? Learn about the different types of exercise, how to get started, and how to develop a routine. Already have an exercise r…

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  • A man does sit ups on a mat on the floor as part of his exercise routine.

    Why Exercise?

    Exercise is powerful medicine. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, builds strength, boosts…

  • Two women sitting in grass stretching before exercising

    The Exercise Habit

    Daily exercise is a good habit and important for a healthy mind and body.

  • A group of men and women in exercise class doing the same arm stretch


    Stretching is one of the best ways to keep your muscles healthy. Stretching regularly will maintain muscle strength and increase…

  • Man with sore back muscles.

    Sore Muscles from Exercise

    Exercise is an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It improves your heart and lungs and builds strong bones…

  • Athlete sitting and holding a bowl of oatmeal and berries in lap

    Nutrition for Athletes

    Nutrition for athletes is different for each athlete, his or her sport, training, and training time.

  • Fit woman wearing a knee brace in a gym

    Knee Bracing: What Works?

    Knee braces are supports to be worn when you have pain in your knee or to prevent injury. Some doctors…

  • Group of children racing each other in the park

    Keeping Your Child Active

    Keeping your child active is important as they grow older. It can keep them healthy and help them develop healthy…

  • A sweaty woman dressed in workout clothes standing outside in the city holding a bottle of water

    Hydration for Athletes

    Getting the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise helps your body to function properly. A lack of…

  • senior african american woman exercising in park

    Getting Motivated to Work Out

    Making a habit of working out is difficult to start, but beneficial to your mental and physical health.

  • Getting Fit Throughout Your Day

    Get creative to find ways throughout your day to improve your fitness.

  • Grupo de personas corriendo en el parque

    Fitness Habits to Make

    The best way to work exercise into your life is to make it a habit. If you’re not exercising regularly…

  • A close-up of feet walking on a treadmill

    Exercise: How To Get Started

    Before beginning an exercise routine, you should talk to your family doctor. Ask your doctor about how much exercise is…

  • older couple stretching before exercise in a park

    Exercise and Seniors

    Some form of regular exercise is important for older adults

  • Senior couple exercising in the park

    Diabetes and Exercise

    Exercise can make a real difference for people who have diabetes. Exercise can help control your weight and lower your…