Sex and Birth Control

Empower yourself with information about sex and sexuality as well as birth control options.

Birth Control

Tubal Sterilization (Tubal Ligation)

Tubal sterilization is a permanent form of birth control that closes off a woman’s fallopian tubes. It is often referred…

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Progestin-Only Birth Control Pills

A progestin-only birth control pill is often called the "mini-pill." Because this pill doesn't contain estrogen, it may not have…

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Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is a form of birth control. Learn about the different types, how to use them, and their benefits…

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Sex and Sexuality

Sexuality in Older Adults

As you age, your sexual health will change. But growing older doesn't have to mean the end of sex. You…

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Kegel Exercises for Your Pelvic Muscles

Pelvic floor muscles can weaken over time or from certain events. Learn how to strengthen these muscles and regain control…

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Health Benefits of a Good Sex Life

Sexual activity has a number of physical and emotional benefits for men and women alike.

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