Advertising Guidelines

The American Academy of Family Physicians accepts advertising on the website.

The American Academy of Family Physicians accepts advertising on the website. The AAFP has the right to refuse any advertisement that is inappropriate or incompatible with our mission. The presence of an ad on does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. Advertisers must not make unsubstantiated health claims or suggest that the AAFP has endorsed a product. Advertising is not targeted to individual users but may be placed on the site adjacent to content related to advertiser interest. All advertising on is clearly labeled as an advertisement. The AAFP may change this policy at any time, at its discretion, by posting a revised policy to the website.

The following advertisements are prohibited on the web site:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons, firearms, ammunition, or fireworks
  • Gambling and lottery
  • Pornography or related themes
  • Political advertisements
  • Religious advertisements
  • Advertisements that claim to have a “miracle” cure or method
  • Advertisements directed at children

The following advertisement types are prohibited:

  • Ads that have forms within them to collect personally identifiable information while a visitor is on

The following criteria must be met to allow a company to advertise:

  • Must not make a health claim for a product that is not clearly substantiated. Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documentation to substantiate claims.
  • No implication of endorsement by the AAFP or may be made.
  • The advertisement, advertising icons and company logos must be displayed in such a way that they clearly are not part of the website content.
  • Advertisers and agencies cannot collect email addresses without the users’ expressed permission.
  • The full rules for any market research or promotion must be displayed or linked to.
  • Advertisers and agencies cannot collect any personally identifiable information from visitors or place any cookies, applets or other such files — if those files transmit any personally identifiable information to the advertisers or agencies — on computers of visitors who do not visit advertisers’ sites by clicking on their ad banners.

These guidelines are intended to provide general guidance (AAFP’s organization-wide advertising policies & principles). They are not inclusive or exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of the AAFP at any time.

Advertising revenue is used to support and the American Academy of Family Physicians. For questions about advertising, contact:


E-Healthcare Solutions, LLC

[email protected]

Ph: (609) 882-8887