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  • Migraines

    Learn about the different kinds of migraine headaches and their symptoms and treatments.

  • Adult vaccinations

    Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you’re immune from certain illnesses. Vaccinations are important in staying healthy as an adult. Adults aren't good about getting vaccinated. Many adults don’t know they need adult vaccines. Path to improved well being

  • Preventing Malnutrition in Older Adults

    Good nutrition is especially important as we age. Malnutrition can cause or increase the effects of a number of health…

  • Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes muscle pain and general fatigue. It is most often diagnosed during middle age.

  • Managing Daily Stress

    Feelings of stress are caused by your body’s instinct to defend itself. Stress can cause unhealthy physical symptoms if it…