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  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    A coronavirus is a member of a family of viruses originating from animals that can cause common colds or more…

  • Is It “Just a Cold”?

    Dr. Samuel Grief

    The common cold is an infection of the respiratory (breathing) tract. This includes your throat, nasal passages, and lungs. More…

  • Preventing the Flu

    Learn about ways to avoid getting the flu.

  • Adult vaccinations

    Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you’re immune from certain illnesses. Vaccinations are important in staying healthy as an adult. Adults aren't good about getting vaccinated. Many adults don’t know they need adult vaccines. Path to improved well being

  • Sore Throat

    Learn what may be causing your sore throat, and what you can do about it.

  • Colds and the Flu

    Learn about the symptoms of and treatments for colds and the flu.

  • Video: Keeping Your Family Healthy During Flu Season

    Flu season may not be here yet, but there are preventive measures you can take now. Always wash your hands…