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  • Caring for a Baby Who Has Down Syndrome

    A baby who has Down syndrome has some special needs but requires much of the same care as any…

    Portrait of a baby with Down syndrome. A mother picking up her son, the child is happy and flying upAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Heart Murmurs

    A heart murmur is an abnormal blowing, whooshing, or swishing noise between heartbeats. It can be a sign of a…

    Doctor listens to young girl’s heartbeatAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Dental Hygiene: How to Care for Your Baby's Teeth

    Healthy teeth are important to your baby’s overall health. Oral care helps set good dental habits as your baby…

    baby’s face smiling, showing two bottom teethAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Babies and Thumbs, Fingers, and Pacifiers

    Thumbs, fingers, and pacifiers satisfy a baby’s natural need to suck. Learn about their pros and cons.

    baby boy smiles as he sucks on a pacifierAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Infant CPR/Choking

    CPR is an important lifesaving technique to use in emergencies, such as choking. Learn how to give CPR to an…

    Person doing CPR on baby dummy during first-aid trainingAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Congenital Heart Disease

    Congenital heart disease is a problem with the heart that is present at birth. It can be mild or severe,…

    doctor listens to a baby’s heart with a stethoscopeAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Anesthesia and Your Child

    Children, like adults, have very few problems with anesthesia for surgeries and medical procedures.

    little boy is in the hospital under general anesthesiaAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Newborn Sleep Routines

    Establishing a sleep routine for your newborn can help instill good bedtime habits for years to come. Learn tips so…

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  • Down Syndrome

    Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes physical problems and intellectual disabilities. Most people with it live healthy, productive…

    a young girl with Down syndrome looks up and smilesAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula

    Esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula are disorders of the digestive system. They occur, usually together, in babies before they are…

    mother holds and kisses her newborn babyAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Neural Tube Defects

    Neural tube defects (NTDs) include several birth defects. They affect a fetus’ spine, spinal cord, or brain from forming…

    3D illustration of a fetus who has spina bifida, a neural tube defectAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is a group of neurological disorders that affect body movement and muscle coordination. It usually appears in infancy…

    laughing young boy with cerebral palsy sits in his wheelchair next to his sisterAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Necrotizing Enterocolitis

    Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious intestinal disease. It mostly occurs in premature infants or babies with weakened immune systems…

    Mother holding premature baby’s feet with neonatal infant pulse oximeterAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Hearing Problems in Children

    There are many types of hearing problems in children. Many of these problems result in hearing loss. This loss may…

    young Asian boy with hearing device in earAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • The Importance of Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are an important part of public health. They prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous, and deadly diseases, and save…

    A blank vaccination record for childhood immunizationsAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Kawasaki Disease

    Kawasaki disease is a rare illness that affects infants and young children. The leading symptoms are a high, ongoing fever…

    Diagnosis sheet for Kawasaki disease and several bottles of open medicineAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis

    Eczema is a general term for rash-like skin conditions. The most common type of eczema is called atopic dermatitis, which…

    Woman scratching her armAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • What do I need in my first aid kit?

    A well-prepared first aid kit is an important tool in treating minor injuries that commonly occur at home and when…

    3d image of red first aid box against white backgroundAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

    Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) occurs when a baby is exposed to drugs in the womb. After birth, the baby goes…

    Newborn baby girl crying and laying on bed in hospitalAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • Plagiocephaly

    Plagiocephaly is most commonly known as flat head syndrome. It is a condition with various levels of severity, treatments, and…

    A baby girl wearing a medical helmet smiling at the cameraAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo