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  • Preventing Tooth Decay in Babies

    Tooth decay occurs when bacteria eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Learn how to protect your baby from…

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  • Car Safety for Pregnant Women

    Car safety is important for pregnant women. Whether you are driving or riding in a car, learn tips to keep…

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  • Diet Choices to Prevent Cancer

    Research has shown that a healthy diet can lower your risk of certain cancers.

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  • Protecting Your Family During Cold and Flu Season

    Cold and flu season runs from about October to March. Learn how to prepare and protect your family.

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  • Texting and Driving

    Texting while driving can lead to serious consequences, even death.

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  • Glycemic Index and Your Diet

    The glycemic index measures how quickly carbohydrates in a food make your blood sugar rise. It is a tool you…

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  • Skin Protection for Outdoor Workers

    Outdoor workers can get too much exposure to the sun and dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. Learn about steps you can…

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  • Caffeine and Kids

    In children, caffeine can raise blood pressure and interfere with sleep. It can make children less aware of being tired…

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  • Cancer

    Cancer is a collection of many diseases that all involve the growth of abnormal cells. There are many different types…

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  • Healthy Habits for TV, Video Games, and the Internet

    Limiting kids’ screen time and building healthy habits for TV, video games, and the internet is essential for lifelong…

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  • Exercise and Seniors

    Exercise is an important part of everyday senior health. It offers many benefits that will help you live a longer,…

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  • Changing Your Diet: Choosing Nutrient-rich Foods

    Nutrient-rich (or nutrient-dense) foods contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and few calories. Learn how to change your diet…

    Close-up of different nutrient-rich foods, such as lean meat, fish, dairy, whole grains, and vegetables and fruitsAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo
  • The Importance of Vaccinations

    Vaccinations are an important part of public health. They prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous, and deadly diseases, and save…

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  • Teenagers: How to Stay Healthy

    Developing healthy habits when you’re a teenager will help you as you grow into an adult. Learn tips for staying…

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  • Passing Healthy Habits on to Your Children

    Part of your responsibility as a parent is to teach your children how to lead healthy lives. Learn how to…

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  • Getting Men to the Doctor

    Some men avoid seeing a doctor because of fear, cost, or pride. Regular checkups are important to maintain a healthy…

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  • Tips for Recovering and Staying Well After a Heart Attack

    After a heart attack, it is important to take care of yourself. Eating right and exercising are two ways to…

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  • Questions to Ask When My Asthma Doesn’t Get Better

    If the asthma treatment your doctor prescribed isn’t helping your symptoms, review these questions, answers, and things to consider.

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  • Avoiding Food Hassles With Kids

    Don’t make your child’s food hassles a battle. Be creative, stay calm, and be patient when expanding your child’s mealtime…

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  • Occupational Exposure to HIV: Advice for Health Care Workers

    Information for health care workers about how HIV is transmitted and what to do if you think you’ve been exposed…

    Scientist or doctor wearing protective gear while handling blood in a lab or hospitalAmerican Academy of Family Physicians Logo