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  • fascia

    Fibrous sheets of tissue connecting or covering the muscles.

  • fat

    A major energy source for animals and humans. Fat contains nine calories per gram.

  • fatigue

    Physical or mental exhaustion. Weariness.

  • feces

    Body waste expelled from the rectum. Also called bowel movement or stool.

  • femoral

    Having to do with the femur.

  • femur

    The thigh bone.

  • fertility

    The ability to have children.

  • fertilization

    The process of joining the male’s sperm and the female’s ovum (egg).

  • fetal

    Having to do with the fetus.

  • fetus

    The unborn baby from the end of the eighth week after fertilization of the egg to birth.

  • fever

    Abnormally high body temperature.

  • fiber

    1. A slender, thread-like structure of organ tissue. 2. In the diet, strands of complex carbohydrates (cellulose) that aren’t…

  • fibrillation

    A rapid, uncoordinated series of contractions of some part of the heart muscle causing irregular heartbeats. Atrial fibrillation is the…

  • fibrin

    A serum protein that’s essential for the clotting process.

  • fibroid

    A noncancerous tumor of the uterus composed of muscle fibers. Also called uterine myoma.

  • fibromyalgia

    A painful condition with multiple sensitive areas, called “tender points,” affecting fibrous tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • fibrositis

    Inflammation of fibrous tissues.

  • fibula

    The long, thin, outer bone of the lower leg.

  • fissure

    A narrow slit.

  • fistula

    An abnormal passage from an abscess, cavity or hollow organ to the skin or another abscess.

  • flaccid

    Soft and flabby. Often used to describe complete paralysis (loss of movement) without muscle spasm.