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  • flatfoot

    A condition in which the normal arch of the foot is absent.

  • flatulence

    Excessive production of gas in the intestines or stomach.

  • fluorescein

    A compound used as a diagnostic aid to show injuries of the cornea or retina of the eye.

  • folic acid

    Folacin. One of the B-group vitamins essential for forming red blood cells.

  • folliculitis

    Inflammation of the hair follicles.

  • fontanelle

    A soft spot in the skull of an infant formed by the normal separation between the bony plates of the…

  • foreskin

    A loose fold of skin covering the tip of the penis.

  • fracture

    Broken, especially a broken bone.

  • fraternal twins

    Twins formed from two separate eggs that were fertilized at the same time. They may be the same or different…

  • frenulum

    A fold of skin or mucous membrane that limits the movement of a body part. For example, the frenulum linguae…

  • frigidity

    An inability to be sexually aroused.

  • fructose

    Fruit sugar.

  • fungus

    A group of organisms that includes yeasts, molds and mushrooms.

  • galactorrhea

    Excessive production of breast milk.

  • galactosemia

    A disease present at birth caused by a genetic lack of an enzyme needed to metabolize galactose into glucose. May…

  • gall

    The bile produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

  • gallbladder

    The storage sac for bile, located below the liver.

  • gallstone

    A stone-like mass that forms in the gallbladder.

  • gamma globulin

    Blood protein that contains most antibodies. Used in the temporary prevention of hepatitis and as treatment for disorders with antibody…

  • ganglion cyst

    A benign, knot-like, cystic tumor on a tendon sheath.

  • gangrene

    The decay of body tissue in a part of the body where the blood supply is obstructed by injury or…