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  • oximeter

    A device for determining the oxygen saturation level of the blood.

  • ovum

    Egg; the female reproductive element.

  • ovulation

    The process in which an ovum is released from the ovary.

  • ovary

    The female sex gland that contains ova, or eggs.

  • otitis

    Inflammation of the ear. Otitis externa (inflammation of the ear canal) is also called swimmer’s ear, while otitis media is…

  • otic

    Having to do with the ear.

  • ostomy

    A procedure done to make a passageway for waste. A colostomy is an example.

  • osteoporosis

    A bone disorder characterized by a reduction in bone density, chiefly found in women who have passed menopause and the…

  • osteopathy

    A system of therapy emphasizing primary medical care and the importance of body mechanics and manipulation to correct abnormalities.

  • osteomyelitis

    Infection of a bone.

  • osteomalacia

    Softening of the bones resulting from deficient bone calcium.

  • osteoma

    A bony tumor.

  • osteoarthritis

    A slowly progressive form of arthritis, usually found in older people. Characterized by deterioration of bone cartilage.

  • ossicle

    A small bone.

  • Osgood-Schlatter disease

    Inflammation of the bone and cartilage of the shin bone, just below the knee.

  • oscillation

    A back-and-forth motion; vibration.

  • orthopnea

    Difficulty breathing when lying flat.

  • orthopedics

    The branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of deformities, diseases and injuries of the bones, joints and…

  • orthodontics

    The branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of irregularities of the teeth and related facial problems.

  • oropharynx

    The part of the pharynx behind the mouth and tongue.

  • orifice

    The entrance or outlet of a body cavity.