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  • side-by-side diagrams of a healthy heart and one with heart failure

    Heart Failure

    Heart failure means your heart isn’t pumping blood as well as it should. It can be caused by different heart…

  • young woman helps older woman hold her tea cup as she takes a drink

    Essential Tremor

    Essential tremor is a disorder in your nervous system that causes uncontrollable shaking.

  • Man Drugging Woman's Drink In Bar

    Club Drug Use

    Club drugs are common, illegal drugs used at parties, bars, nightclubs, and concerts for the purpose of getting high.

  • Injury Prevention: The Proper Way to Store Cleaning Supplies

    According to the National Capital Poison Center, household cleaning supplies—including kitchen cleaners and liquid laundry packets—are the second most common exposure to poison among children under 6 years of age. And since the COVID-19 outbreak, cleaning has been on the rise

  • Disinfecting Your Home

    Cleaning your home isn’t just for looks. Cleaning and disinfecting your home are important for reducing the spread of germs and bacteria that cause infection and illness. Path to caring for a healthy home Many people recognized the importance of disinfecting their homes

  • young woman texting message on mobile phone while driving car

    Texting and Driving

    Texting while driving is illegal and can be deadly for you, your passengers, and others on the road.

  • baby boy smiles as he sucks on a pacifier

    Babies and Thumbs, Fingers, and Pacifiers

    Sucking on thumbs, fingers, and pacifiers is common in babies. Each has its pros and cons for parents to…

  • doctor performs an echocardiogram to check the heart

    Silent Heart Attacks

    A silent heart attack is a heart attack without traditional symptoms. Nearly half of all heart attacks are silent heart…

  • young girl sleeping on cozy bed with white blanket

    Enuresis (Bedwetting)

    Enuresis is the medical name for bedwetting.

  • Person doing CPR on baby dummy during first-aid training

    Infant CPR/Choking

    Anyone who is spends time with babies should know how to perform infant CPR—and when it’s appropriate to perform CPR…

  • illustration of a spinal column with a herniated disk

    Herniated Disc

    A herniated disc happens when a disc in your spine weakens or ruptures, putting pressure on a nerve or the…

  • eustachian tube dysfunction in human ear

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

    Eustachian tube dysfunction is when your ear is plugged with fluid. Sounds may be muffled, and your ear may feel…

  • a support group sits in a circle and laughs

    Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Program

    Finding the right addiction treatment program is the first step toward the road to recovery.

  • Healthy foods for controlling diabetes and blood sugar.

    Diabetes and Heart Disease

    People with diabetes are more likely to have heart disease, but there are steps you can take to lower the…

  • Sad, young woman staring off a balcony

    Grieving: Facing Illness, Death, and Other Losses

    Grief is a person’s normal, healthy response to a loss. It is different for everyone and includes both emotional and…

  • Illustration of cardiac arrhythmia

    Cardioverter-Defibrillator: A Treatment for Arrhythmia

    Cardioverter-Defibrillator is a medical implant device used to treat arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

  • A doctor uses a lighted instrument to closely examine moles on a female patient’s neck

    Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and highly preventable with regular screening.

  • doctor using stethoscope to listen to woman’s heart

    Mitral Valve Prolapse

    Mitral valve prolapse is a heart condition in which the flaps of the mitral valve don’t close properly. Most people…