"ADHD" results
  • A doctor uses a lighted instrument to closely examine moles on a female patient’s neck

    Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and highly preventable with regular screening… still get skin cancer? How quickly does my type of skin cancer grow and spread? Do I have an increased risk of additional skin cancers? Should I see a skin…

  • E. coli Infection

    E. coli are germs that are found on food and in the environment. When ingested, E. coli cause severe cramps… alcohol. When you feel you are able to eat, start slowly. Try some crackers or toast. If that sets well, begin to add in other…

  • A doctor listens to a patient’s lungs with a stethoscope. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs usually caused by bacteria or a virus. Walking pneumonia is a mild case of pneumonia.

    Pneumonia and Walking Pneumonia

    Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. How serious it is depends on what caused the pneumonia, your age, and… are 65 years of age and older are also at increased risk. What can I do at home to feel better? In addition to taking…

  • “Why do I smoke?" Quiz

    Knowing why you smoke might be the answer to quitting for good… Why do I smoke? If you learn the answer to this question, it will be easier to stop smoking. Knowing why you smoke will help you find ways to make up for the…

  • silhouette of a person drinking, sitting behind bottles of alcohol

    Alcohol Abuse

    Alcohol abuse is a pattern of drinking too much alcohol too often. This can harm your work, school, and… What is alcohol abuse? Alcohol abuse, also called alcohol misuse is a serious problem. It is a pattern of drinking too much alcohol too often…

  • "Do I Want to Quit Smoking?" Quiz

    Learn how you feel about smoking and how you can use this information to help you quit… How do you feel about quitting smoking? Put a check mark next to the statement below that best describes how you feel about quitting smoking: ____ I like…