Food and Nutrition

Find out how to incorporate healthy food, proper nutrition, vitamins and supplements into your diet.

Healthy Food Choices

Nutrition: Keeping a Food Diary

A food diary is a daily log of what you eat and drink each day. The diary helps you and…

School Lunches: Helping Your Child Make Healthy Choices

Helping your child to understand how to make healthy food choices now will lead to healthier decisions in the…

Diet Choices to Prevent Cancer

A healthy diet can lower your risk of certain cancers. It also may help prevent other conditions, such as type…

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Nutrients and Nutritional Info

Food Habits Survey

To make healthy eating selections, it’s important to look at what you currently eat and drink. A food habit survey…


Probiotics are live, healthy microorganisms found in your intestines and available in some foods and dietary supplements.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) | Chronic Kidney Disease and Nutrition

If you have chronic kidney disease, your kidneys have trouble removing waste. Proper nutrition can help reduce waste buildup and…

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Sugar and Sugar Substitutes

Added Sugar: What You Need To Know

Sugar provides energy to your body, but does not have other nutritional value. Learn why and how you should limit…

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes are chemical or plant-based substances used to sweeten or enhance the flavor of foods and drinks.

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Weight Loss and Diet Plans

What You Should Know Before You Start A Weight-loss Plan

If you’re starting a weight loss journey, talk to your doctor about your health conditions and healthy methods to drop…

Nutrition for Weight Loss: Is a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Right for Me?

Carbohydrates (carbs) are found in foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and sweets. A low-carb diet is based on…

Prescription Weight-loss Medicines

Prescription weight loss medicines are given to you by your doctor to help you lose weight when diet and exercise…

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