Crisis Situations

Are you prepared to handle a crisis situation? Do you know what to do or who to turn to if the unthinkable happens? Don’t become a victim — learn how to protect yourself and others in the event of a crisis, from sexual assault and abuse to terrorism.

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  • Bioterrorism

    Bioterrorism is the use of hazardous agents, such as bacteria, viruses, or germs, to harm people.

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  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is physical, sexual, emotional abuse by a caregiver, parent, spouse, partner, or other family member. It is a…

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  • Rape

    Rape is any form of sexual violence. Learn about rape, including how to prevent it and what actions to take…

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  • Smallpox Vaccine

    The smallpox vaccine was used until the 1970s to wipe out smallpox worldwide. Now, it only is given to people…

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