Prevention and Wellness

Learn to make healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family with information on nutrition, exercise, occupational health and preventive services.

Emotional Well-Being

Grieving: Facing Illness, Death, and Other Losses

Grief is a person’s normal, healthy response to a loss. It is different for everyone and includes both emotional and…

Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease

Depression is very common among people who have Alzheimer dementia. They may become depressed when their memory and ability to…

Post-traumatic Stress After a Traffic Accident

Learn about post-traumatic stress after a car accident and how your doctor can help you deal with it

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Exercise and Fitness

Getting Motivated to Work Out

Working out comes with countless health-related benefits, both physical and mental. All it takes is finding the right motivation.

Diabetes and Exercise

Exercise carries additional risk for people with diabetes, but the associated benefits far outweigh the potential negatives.

Exercise and Seniors

Exercise is an important part of everyday senior health. It offers many benefits that will help you live a longer,…

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Food and Nutrition

Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Following these tips can help to make sure you stay on track even at holiday parties and dinners.

Caffeine and Kids

Caffeine is a drug that should be limited for children and adolescents. Caffeine can lead to higher blood pressure, sleep…

Cholesterol and Your Child

High cholesterol can start as early as childhood. Eat healthy, exercise and have your child tested if there’s a family…

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Sex and Birth Control

Adolescents and Young Adults: Getting the Preventive Services You Need

Get an early start on good lifelong health by learning about the services and advice your family doctor can provide…

Sexuality in Older Adults

As you age, your sexual health will change. But growing older doesn't have to mean the end of sex. You…

Sex: Making the Right Decision

Information for teens about deciding whether your ready to have sex, how to deal with peer pressure, and how to…

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Staying Healthy


Immunizations are important for your health and a requirement for many activities.

Choosing a Family Doctor

Choosing a family doctor is a process of seeking recommendations, meeting with the doctor and deciding if he or she…

Childhood Vaccines: What They Are and Why Your Child Needs Them

Childhood vaccines are important in protecting children and the population. All are safe and are to be given at specific…

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