Help us build a community of immunity!

Getting vaccinated is critical to your health. Taking care of your own health also protects those around you.

What do I need to know about vaccines?

COVID-19 Vaccine

Three vaccines for COVID-19 have been authorized for emergency use in the United States.
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Debunking Common COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccines is prevalent, and it can be difficult to know what’s true and what’s  not.

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The Importance of Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important part of public health. They prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous, and deadly diseases, and save millions of lives. These include measles, polio, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, diphtheria, and HPV.

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Childhood Vaccines: What They Are and Why Your Child Needs Them

Childhood vaccines are important in protecting children and the population. They not only help keep your child healthy, they help all children by limiting the spread of disease and possibly eliminating serious childhood diseases.

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Spread the word, not disease

Make sure your loved ones know vaccinations aren’t just for kids! To keep our immune system strong (& protect those around us), some vaccines are needed on a regular basis. Spread the word to help others ensure they’re up to date on theirs.

Don’t let friends and family get discouraged if they’re not on track with their vaccination schedule! While certain vaccinations are recommended at different points in life, reassure them it’s never too late for them to catch up.

Send the message that staying on top of vaccinations helps our immune systems build the antibodies we need to fight off illness, protecting more than just ourselves.

Share this with others looking to do their part in building the immunity of their community.

Arm your loved ones with their best defense by encouraging them to stay up to date on their vaccinations.

How else can I help?

  1. Prevent the spread of contagious and potentially life-threatening diseases by staying up to date on your vaccinations.
  2. Share these images in your social channels using #vaxxtosave to spread the word about the importance of vaccinations and help us build a community of immunity.
  3. Ask your family physician what vaccinations you need and develop a schedule to catch up.