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  • Fainting

    Fainting happens when your brain does not get enough oxygen. You lose consciousness, or “pass out,” for a few seconds…

  • Febrile Seizures

    Febrile seizures typically occur in children ages 12 months to 18 months. They are generally harmless and caused by a…

  • Fecal Incontinence

    Fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements. This leads to stool (feces) leaking from the rectum at unexpected…

  • Female Athlete Triad

    The female athlete triad is a disorder that women can develop that affects energy levels, menstrual cycles, and bone…

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most serious type of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), which occur when a mother…

  • Fever in Infants and Children

    A baby or infant's first fever can be scary. Learn how to take your child’s temperature, how to bring down…

  • Fibromyalgia

    Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes muscle pain and general fatigue.

  • Fifth Disease

    Fifth disease is a mild viral infection common in children. It usually causes a bright red rash on the face…

  • Flat Feet

    Flat feet is a condition in which one or both feet don’t have normal arches. You may be born with…

  • Food Allergies

    A food allergy is an abnormal reaction by your immune system to a food. The reaction can be mild or…

  • Food Poisoning

    Food poisoning occurs when you eat or drink something that contains harmful germs (bacteria, viruses, or parasites).

  • Food Poisoning | Mushroom Poisoning

    What is mushroom poisoning? People are poisoned each year after eating mushrooms from their yard or outside locations. These mushrooms should not to be eaten. It’s difficult to tell which mushrooms can be eaten and which cannot. Poisonous mushrooms can make you sick

  • Fragile X Syndrome

    What is Fragile X syndrome? Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder. It is most often passed on from a parent to a child at the time the child is conceived. The disorder causes intellectual and developmental disabilities. This means it affects a person