Pelvic Inflammatory Disease | Treatment


How is PID treated?

There is no over-the-counter treatment for PID. PID can usually be cured with antibiotics. Most women do not need to be admitted into the hospital and can have outpatient treatment. If you are treated as an outpatient, you must take your medicine exactly as your doctor prescribes. If you don't take all the medicine, your symptoms may get worse and you may have to go to the hospital. A few days after you start taking the medicine, your doctor will want to see you for a checkup.

Hospitalization may be recommended if you are very sick with PID, or if you are pregnant, under the age of 18 or have the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Should my partner be treated if I have PID?

If you are treated for PID, especially if it's caused by an STI, your partner must also be treated. Unless your partner is treated, you may be infected again. Making good choices about sexual contact is important. If you think you might have PID, talk to your family doctor right away.

Written by editorial staff

Reviewed/Updated: 04/14
Created: 09/00