Strabismus (Cross-Eyes) | Overview


What is strabismus and how do I know if my baby has it?

Strabismus (say: "stra-biz-muss") is a disorder in which the eyes do not line up properly. Instead, the eyes appear to cross, or one eye may wander to the side.

Why is strabismus a problem?

For normal vision, both eyes need to look in the same direction at the same time. When a child has a crossed or wandering eye, he or she gets a different picture from each eye. The child's brain naturally tries to fix this problem by blocking out the picture from the weaker eye. If strabismus is not fixed when a child is young, the child's brain will always ignore the pictures from the weak eye. This kind of vision loss is called amblyopia (say: "am-blee-o-pee-ah"). It is the most serious problem caused by crossed or wandering eyes.


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Strabismus (Cross-Eyes)