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What is stroke rehabilitation?

Stroke rehabilitation can be an important part of recovery after a stroke. It helps build your strength, coordination, endurance, and confidence. A main goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help you learn how to live with the effects of the stroke so you can be as independent as possible. It may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and swallowing therapy.

Your doctor will decide what kind of rehabilitation will be helpful for you. Rehabilitation can begin right after the stroke is over and your condition is stable. In many cases, it starts in the hospital as soon as 24 to 48 hours after a stroke. Most people need to continue rehabilitation for months or years after a stroke.

What can I do to help a loved one recover from a stroke?

Your loved one who has had a stroke will need your help and support. Some places offer classes for stroke survivors and their families. You may be able to go to some of your loved one’s rehabilitation sessions. This is a good way to learn how stroke rehabilitation works and how you can help your loved one get better. Find out what he or she can do alone, what he or she can do with help, and what he or she can't do at all.

Let the rehabilitation staff know what activities your loved one enjoys. Help your loved one practice the skills learned in stroke rehabilitation.  For example, avoid helping your loved one do things that he or she is able to do alone. Practicing skills will build your loved one’s confidence.

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Reviewed/Updated: 01/15
Created: 09/00