Our Mission

To create an environment in which patients can empower themselves to optimize their health through education materials and tools.

Through the RIGHTchoices program, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) can:

  • Leverage the broad reach of consumer products companies to reinforce positive health messages.
  • Recognize good corporate stewards with a focus on improving the health of all people in our national community.
  • Develop trusted, relevant, and reliable health education materials and tools for physicians and their patients.
  • Build solid relationships and trust with those who are caring for our patients when we are not.

Our Focus

Physical Activity

The beneficial effect of physical activity is proven for patients of all ages and abilities.

Healthy Eating

Creating and maintaining healthy eating behaviors support optimal health and well-being.


Seeing life positively and feeling good is a critical expression of life satisfaction and overall health.

Safety and Prevention

Education is key to preventing accidents, which safety field professionals believe are predictable and preventable.

What is FamilyDoctor.org?

The core of the RIGHTchoices program is FamilyDoctor.org, the AAFP’s award-winning consumer health and wellness website. The site focuses on prevention and wellness to help consumers make informed decisions about their health. RIGHTchoices partnerships are one way the AAFP continues expanding the site’s educational content. In a crowded field of “health” sites, FamilyDoctor.org stands apart due to its evidence-based content designed for the whole family including women, men, children, and seniors.

FamilyDoctor.org serves to:

  • Empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health and wellness.
  • Educate parents, caretakers, and families to support healthful behaviors and effective prevention/management of common conditions and diseases.
  • Provide tools to facilitate discussion between patients and family physicians.
  • Strengthen relationships between patients and their family physicians.
  • Increase public awareness of the importance of family medicine.

Increase your visibility



Align with a trusted, valuable brand.

Consumers make 240 million office visits to family physicians per year. That's one out of every four visits.

Connect with the family physician's trusted voice.

Patient's health and wellness decisions are heavily influenced by their physicians' evidence-based advice.


Access unique, relevant communication solutions.

Valuable content on FamilyDoctor.org, the AAFP's health and wellness website, and other patient education channels facilitate trusted discussions between patients and their family physicians.


To learn more about a RIGHTchoices partnership,
please contact:

RaeLynn Gochnauer

Strategic Partnerships

(913) 906-6000 ext. 4475