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  • A young woman putting earplugs in her ears

    Ear Health and Care

    Taking care of your ears can prevent ear infections and hearing loss. You should clean your ears properly and protect… ear health. It can prevent ear infections and help prevent hearing loss. Path to improved health The first step toward a healthy ear is a…

  • blurred, spinning picture of a person’s feet as they walk through fall leaves

    Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

    Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be caused by problems with the inner ear related to ear infections, family history, or… can do to prevent or avoid BPPV is to avoid head positions that trigger it. Also, talk to your doctor about preventing ear infections. BPPV…

  • Managing Your Child’s Medicine

    Children get sick with everything from the sniffles to ear infections to other less common illnesses. When these happen, you'll likely take them to the doctor. Your doctor may give your child medicine to make them feel better. Here are some things you

  • Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine: What Parents Needs to Know

    Pneumococcal disease is caused by bacteria. It can lead to infections in the lungs, blood, and brain. The vaccine prevents… Pneumococcal disease is caused by bacteria. It can lead to infections in the lungs, blood, and brain. Pneumococcal disease causes health problems in children…

  • Doctor examining patient’s ear with otoscope

    Ear Infection

    An ear infection is one of the most common conditions among children. It is caused by a viral or bacterial… your baby at an angle while feeding. Common allergy and cold medicines do not protect against ear infections. Ear infection treatment Ear infections need to be treated. If left…

  • Pacifiers: Benefits and Risks

    Pacifiers have pros and cons, depending upon how long your baby uses one… it falls out. Eventually, the baby will learn to put it in on his or her own. Pacifier use may cause inner ear infections. Also, it may cause dental problems if used…

  • woman grimacing while putting her fingers in her ears


    Tinnitus is a problem that causes you to hear an “internal” noise in one ear or both ears. You may… of the ear (for example, taking high doses of aspirin every day) Eustachian tube dysfunction (the tube that leads from the middle ear to the…

  • baby boy smiles as he sucks on a pacifier

    Babies and Thumbs, Fingers, and Pacifiers

    Sucking on thumbs, fingers, and pacifiers is common in babies. Each has its pros and cons for parents to… Cons Some babies may breastfeed less if they have a pacifier. This is called nipple confusion. It can increase the risk of ear infections. Your baby…

  • young Asian boy with hearing device in ear

    Hearing Problems in Children

    Hearing loss in children can be caused by a number of factors. Recognizing the symptoms early increases the chances of… What are hearing problems in children? There are many types of hearing problems in children. Many of these problems result in hearing loss. This…

  • doctor examining the ear of a young smiling girl

    Otitis Media (with Effusion)

    Otitis media with effusion means there is fluid in the middle ear. It is common in young children and usually… Overview What is otitis media with effusion? Otitis media is a generic term that refers to an inflammation of the middle ear. The middle ear is the space…

  • Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. About 20% or 30% of children clench their teeth but usually stop as they get older.

    Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

    Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism. About 20% or 30% of children clench their teeth but usually stop as… What is bruxism? Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, is the conscious or unconscious grinding or clenching of teeth. It happens most often in children. About…

  • A doctor using a otoscope to look inside a young girls ear canal

    Repeated Infections in Children

    Learn why your child may get several infections while he or she is still young… Why do children get repeated infections? Babies are born with immature immune systems. As a result, babies tend to get a high number of infections, usually 4 to 8…

  • A doctor examines the ear of a boy suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction.

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

    Eustachian tube dysfunction is when your ear is plugged with fluid. Sounds may be muffled, and your ear may feel… What is Eustachian tube dysfunction? The Eustachian tube is a small passageway that connects your throat to your middle ear. When you sneeze, swallow, or yawn, your…

  • red and white blood cells traveling through a vein in the human body

    Blood Poisoning

    Blood poisoning happens when an infection enters your bloodstream and your body reacts to the infection… What is blood poisoning? Blood poisoning (sepsis) has nothing to do with poison. Instead, it’s primary cause is the presence of germs, which enter your bloodstream from an infection…

  • Burning cigarette

    The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

    Just because you aren’t the person smoking the cigarette doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. Secondhand smoke contains more than… Secondhand smoke is the combination of smoke exhaled by a smoker and smoke that comes out of the burning end of a tobacco product…

  • Doctor injecting child with vaccine

    Childhood Vaccines: What They Are and Why Your Child Needs Them

    Most schools and daycares require certain childhood vaccines, but they’re also good for your child’s health… A vaccine is a preventive treatment for certain medical diseases. These are diseases that are caused by infections and spread from person-to-person. Vaccines contain a weakened version of…

  • Little girl smiling as doctor examines her ear

    Hearing Evaluation in Children

    Hearing evaluations are key in early diagnosis and intervention of childhood hearing loss. Early intervention will provide you with more… If your child is deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), the sooner they are diagnosed, the better. Early intervention will provide you with the most…

  • A young girl receives the measles vaccine from a doctor. Measles is a very contagious respiratory illness that also causes a fever and a rash. It is preventable with a vaccine.


    With travel returning to pre-COVID levels and back-to-school season not far off, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging parents and travelers to be aware of a rise in cases of measles. While the disease is extremely contagious