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  • A child scratches her head with a look of discomfort on her face. Head lice are small wingless insects that can get on your hair and scalp. Lice bites may cause scratching, skin irritation or infection.

    Head Lice

    Head lice are small wingless insects that can get on your hair and scalp. Lice bites may cause constant scratching,…

  • A man looks in the mirror at his receding hairline. It is normal to shed some hair each day. However, some people may experience excessive (more than normal) hair loss for various reasons.

    Hair Loss

    It is normal to shed some hair each day as part of this cycle. However, some people may experience excessive…

  • Close up of a child's cleft lip

    Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

    Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that happen when a baby’s lip or mouth don’t form correctly early…

  • an infant lies on her back without a diaper

    Diaper Rash

    Diaper rash is redness and rash on a baby’s bottom or genital area. It is a very common rash. Normally,…

  • multigenerational family riding their bikes

    Sports and Exercise at Every Age

    It is important to exercise no matter what age you are. A lifelong exercise program is the surest way to…

  • pregnant woman having an ultrasound

    Ultrasound During Pregnancy

    A fetal ultrasound is a test that uses sound waves to create an image of your unborn baby on a…

  • Woman sitting cross-legged on floor, meditating

    Spirituality and Health

    Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life. Research shows a connection between…

  • An illustration of a healthy kidney and a kidney with cysts

    Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is an inherited disease that affects the kidneys. It causes abnormal sacs of fluid (called cysts)…

  • A doctor listens to a patient’s lungs with a stethoscope. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs usually caused by bacteria or a virus. Walking pneumonia is a mild case of pneumonia.

    Pneumonia and Walking Pneumonia

    Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. How serious it is depends on what caused the pneumonia, your age, and…

  • A photo of a troubled teen meeting with his psychologist

    Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Oppositional defiant disorder is a behavior condition that affects children and teens. It causes a negative effect on the child’s…

  • a woman with keratosis pilaris scratches the back of her arm

    Keratosis Pilaris

    Keratosis pilaris is a harmless skin condition that causes small bumps to appear on the skin. They can appear anywhere…

  • woman with a keloid or raised scar on her shoulder

    Keloids (Raised Scars)

    Keloids are a type of raised scar. They occur where the skin has healed after an injury and can grow…

  • A 3-D illustration of hepatitis B virus in blood vessel with red blood cells

    Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection caused by a virus. It is usually spread from person to person through…

  • middle-aged couple go over paperwork with a lawyer

    Advance Directives and Do Not Resuscitate Orders

    An advance directive is a legal document. It tells your doctor and family what kind of medical care you want…

  • Woman with gallstones holds her stomach in pain


    Gallstones are hard deposits that can form in the gallbladder. Some people have them but don’t have symptoms. For others,…

  • illustration of unborn baby in the womb with DNA strand in the background

    Preconception Carrier Screenings

    Preconception carrier screenings are pre-pregnancy tests a woman can have to determine if she or her partner are carriers of…

  • Tanning bed with glasses and towel

    The Dangers of Tanning Beds

    Tanning beds are the source of intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They are not safe.

  • doctor and senior female patient look at a model of a spine

    Vertebroplasty for Spine Fracture Pain

    Vertebroplasty treats compression spine fractures. In these fractures, the bone collapses and breaks. The procedure injects cement into the…