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  • Best and worst positions for your baby to help prevent hip dysplasia

    Hip Problems in Infants

    A hip problem in an infant is known as developmental dysplasia of the hip. It can lead to dislocation of… the socket. Often, this means that the hip joint is loose and prone to injury. DDH can lead to dislocation of the hip or other…

  • Portrait of a baby with Down syndrome. A mother picking up her son, the child is happy and flying up

    Caring for a Baby Who Has Down Syndrome

    Raising a child with Down syndrome takes a commitment to help them be their best… problems. This might include cataracts or other eye issues requiring glasses. Less likely health issues include: Intestinal blockage at birth requiring surgery Hip dislocation Thyroid disease Iron deficiency anemia Leukemia…

  • red and white blood cells traveling through a vein in the human body

    Blood Poisoning

    Blood poisoning happens when an infection enters your bloodstream and your body reacts to the infection… lungs, kidneys, and heart. Sepsis is unpredictable, aggressive, and progresses rapidly. Anyone can get blood poisoning, but the risk is higher for: Infants and young children (especially under 1…