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  • Herbal Health Products and Supplements

    Herbal products and supplements are intended to maintain health or treat health problems. However, they are not regulated by the…

  • Choosing between a fork with greasy, cholesterol-rich food or a fork with fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits.

    Food Habits Survey

    Use this resource to help track your food habits and share them with your doctor.

  • A close-up of feet walking on a treadmill

    Exercise: How To Get Started

    Before beginning an exercise routine, you should talk to your family doctor. Ask your doctor about how much exercise is…

  • A glucose meter propped up among a tabletop of fruit and vegetables

    Diabetes and Nutrition

    Your diet is one of the best ways to manage diabetes by helping you control the amount of sugar that…

  • Depressed teenage boy sitting alone with word cloud describing symptoms of depression

    Depression in Children and Teens

    Depression is a medical illness that can affect the mental and physical health of children and adolescents. They may have…

  • a mother breastfeeds her baby


    Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast usually caused by an infection.

  • Teenage boy smoking cigarette outside

    Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Your Child

    Children are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco through a number of sources. Talking to your child about these issues…

  • Hands grabbing a bloated stomach


    Bloating is when your stomach is filled with air or gas from what you eat, your lifestyle, or for medical…

  • Sad-looking teenage boy standing on a bridge thinking about suicide

    Teen Suicide

    Teen suicide is when a teenager ends their own life. It can be impulsive or planned. However, not all suicide…

  • Little girl sitting in mother’s lap at doctor’s office

    Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

    Munchausen syndrome by proxy is a mental illness in which a caregiver acts as though the person under their care…

  • A close up photo of a woman’s nose and mouth. Nasopharyngeal cancer develops in the nasopharynx, the area where the back part of your nose opens into your upper throat.

    Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    Nasopharyngeal cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the space between the back of the nose and upper…

  • Long COVID

    Most people who get sick with COVID-19 will recover within a week or even a few days. But for some,…

  • A photo of a teenage girl blowing smoke while juuling

    Dangers of Vaping

    Vaping uses electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) to simulate traditional cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes are often marketed as a safer alternative to…

  • A man eating a banana to recover from his workout

    What to Eat Before and After a Workout

    Exercise is important for maintaining your health. What you eat before and after your workout can have an impact on…

  • healthy school lunch with star-shaped sandwich, fruit and vegetables

    Packing Healthy School Lunches

    Packing a school lunch may be a good option for your budget, your dietary needs, or your child’s tastes.

  • Work-life Balance

    Finding work-life balance in the midst of a busy schedule may seem impossible. However, there are ways to achieve…

  • group of happy children sitting on the edge of a trampoline outside

    Your Child’s Mental Health

    A mentally healthy child can develop friendships, learn new things and do well in school. Early detection of issues can…

  • New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

    Typically, the excitement of New Year’s resolutions lasts until sometime around the mid February. Make this the year that you…