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  • 3d image of red first aid box against white background

    What do I need in my first aid kit?

    A well-prepared first aid kit is an important tool in treating minor injuries that commonly occur at home and when…

  • Keeping Your Heart Healthy

    Learn how you can prevent and manage heart disease as well as treat conditions that lead to heart attack.

  • Vaginal Discharge

    Vaginal discharge is the small amount of fluid produced by glands inside your vagina and cervix and released through the…

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system. There is no cure, but there are medicines that…

  • A woman with hives on the backs of her legs


    Mastocytosis is the abnormal growth of cells from the immune system in your body. It can occur in people of…

  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can cause joint pain and swelling in children younger than 16. Its symptoms can be intermittent or…

  • Woman with hands crossed over her pelvis as if she is in pain or needs to use the restroom

    Interstitial Cystitis

    Interstitial cystitis is chronic inflammation of the bladder.

  • A woman talking to her doctor

    Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

    Abnormal uterine bleeding is any heavy or unusual bleeding from the uterus. In most women, abnormal uterine bleeding is caused…

  • Floor scale with tape measure wrapped around apple to illustrate obesity

    Healthy Weight

    Achieving a healthy weight is different for everyone. You may want to lose weight for personal reasons. Or you may…

  • Food Poisoning | Mushroom Poisoning

    Know the type of mushrooms you are eating to avoid getting sick and even death.

  • cows peaking their heads out of their stalls in a barn

    Mad Cow Disease

    Mad cow disease is a rare and deadly brain disease spread by eating beef products from a cow that has…

  • Jock Itch

    Jock itch is a contagious fungal skin infection that usually appears around the groin in men.

  • Close-up of a young businessman holding side with kidney pain

    Kidney Infection

    A kidney infection results when bacteria get into one or both of your kidneys.

  • Overweight man holding a measuring tape

    Weight-loss surgery

    Weight loss surgery can be called bariatric surgery. It involves surgically reducing the size of your stomach so your body…

  • Image of generic cans of energy drinks

    The Truth About Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks are not regulated by the federal government and overuse can lead to many health problems like heart issues…

  • Young boy choosing between an apple and donuts

    Helping Your Child Achieve a Healthy Weight

    Excessive weight gain or obesity in childhood can lead to serious health problems later in life. A healthy diet and…

  • A medical drawing of uterine fibroids in and around the uterus.

    Uterine Fibroids

    Fibroids are benign growths (not cancer) in the muscular wall of the uterus.

  • Ulcers

    Ulcers are sores on the lining of your stomach or small intestine.