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  • Nutrition: Determine Your Calorie Count

    Determining your daily calorie needs can help you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Older adult getting a flu shot

    Flu Myths

    The flu is something to take seriously. But it’s important to sort out fact from fiction to stay healthy.

  • A balanced meal full of healthy food from each food group

    Balancing Your Food Plate

    Creating a nutritional balance for every meal is essential for good health.

  • a tick sits on a leaf


    Babesiosis is an infection of the red blood cells. It is caused by a single-cell parasite called Babesia.

  • woman is suffering from pain in the stomach, she is lying on the bed.

    Anti-diarrheal Medicines: OTC Relief for Diarrhea

    Los medicamentos de venta libre pueden proporcionar cierto alivio para muchas causas comunes de diarrea.

  • doctor or nurse giving child a shot in the arm

    Polio Vaccine

    La polio es una enfermedad grave causada por un virus, pero la vacuna contra la polio ha hecho que la…

  • My Aching Joints! Is It Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    Dr. Shweta Akhouri

    If you’re having joint pain, tell your family doctor. Treating early can help prevent or reduce lifelong disability.

  • Doc, Do I Have the “Stomach Flu”?

    Dr. Shilpa Mehta

    For healthy adults, the symptoms of gastroenteritis are usually mild. In most cases, you don’t need to see a doctor…

  • “Bee” Careful! What To Do If You Get Stung

    Dr. Meagan Vermeulen

    Unless you are allergic to the venom of bees, wasps, or hornets, you probably won’t need to see your family doctor if you get stung. A sting will be painful and annoying, but otherwise pretty harmless. Most of my patients only have mild

  • When a “Chest Cold” Is Something More

    Dr. Shilpa Mehta

    You probably know the feeling of having cold symptoms that move from your head into your chest. Many people call this a chest cold. The medical term for it is “acute bronchitis.” Bronchitis is an inflammation (or irritation) of the airways. Airways are the

  • Illustration of human brain with puzzle piece missing, depicting memory loss as a symptom of dementia


    Dementia is a group of symptoms often caused by changes in brain structure. It often occurs in older people but…

  • Hiding in Plain Sight: Diagnosing Hypothyroidism

    Dr. Tania Mathew

    A new patient thought her symptoms were just part of getting older. By taking time to ask the right questions,…

  • I’m Pregnant! What’s Safe to Eat?

    Dr. Karlynn Sievers

    Recently, my patient Jennifer (not her real name) came in for a prenatal visit. She had been trying to get pregnant for several months. When she finally got a positive result on a home pregnancy test, she and her husband were thrilled. During the

  • Depression Is Common and Treatable

    Dr. Michael Bevins

    When a patient is diagnosed with depression, I’m trained to provide care that ranges from prescribing antidepressants to helping them…

  • Chronic Headaches Are a Pain

    Dr. Jennifer Hanna

    If headache pain is getting in the way of your daily activities, it’s time to see your family doctor.

  • Could Stress Be Causing My Symptoms?

    Dr. David Schechter

    Stress affects everyone. Some stress can be caused by good things in your life, such as an interesting project, a new baby, or an upcoming vacation. Other times, stress is caused by difficult situations, such as losing your job or getting divorced. No matter

  • Trusted Help for Worsening GERD Symptoms

    Dr. Katherine Beben

    Don’t assume you’re fine if something doesn’t seem quite right. The earlier your family doctor can address health problems, the…

  • Is There a “Right Way” to Take My Medicine?

    Dr. Ramon O. Parrish, Jr.

    By giving specific, easy-to-understand instructions, I help my patients get the most out of their medicines and avoid problems.