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  • trachoma

    A chronic infectious eye disease caused by Chlamydia infection of the eye. A leading cause of blindness worldwide.

  • tracheostomy

    A surgical incision in the trachea (the windpipe) through which a rigid tube is inserted to allow air to…

  • trachea

    The air passage extending from the throat to the bronchi. Also called the windpipe.

  • toxic


  • toxemia

    The presence of toxic substances in the blood from bacteria or body cells.

  • tonsils

    A pair of oval masses of lymphoid tissue, one on each side of the throat at the back of the…

  • tonsillectomy

    A procedure to remove the tonsils.

  • tongue

    The muscular organ attached to the floor of the mouth. Used to speak, chew, swallow and taste.

  • tissue

    A group of similar cells that together perform certain specialized functions.

  • tinnitus

    Ringing in the ears. Sensation of a high-pitched sound that’s not actually present.

  • tinea

    A general term for fungal infections of the skin, usually combined with a description of the site or cause. Examples…

  • tic

    An involuntary spasm or twitching of a muscle.

  • tibia

    The larger of two bones in the lower leg.

  • thyroxine

    The hormone from the thyroid gland that’s essential in metabolism.

  • thyroid gland

    A large endocrine gland located in the front and sides of the neck and below the Adam’s apple. Essential for…

  • thymus

    A ductless gland located behind the upper portion of the breastbone.

  • thrush

    Infection of the mouth by yeast. Characterized by milky-white lesions on the mouth, lips and throat.

  • thrombosis

    Formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel or the heart.

  • thromboembolism

    Blockage of a blood vessel by the piece of a blood clot that has broken loose from its original…

  • thrombocyte

    A platelet.

  • thorax

    The chest.