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  • tachycardia

    An abnormally rapid heartbeat.

  • tachypnea

    Rapid breathing.

  • talus

    A bone of the ankle.

  • Tanner staging

    A growth chart used to assess the stage of puberty based on pubic hair growth, the development of genitalia in…

  • telogen effluvium

    Thinning hair. Rarely results in actual baldness.

  • temporomandibular joint

    TMJ. The joint between the lower jaw and the side of the head, located just in front of the…

  • tendinitis

    Inflammation of a tendon.

  • tendon

    A cord of strong white fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone.

  • teratogen

    An agent that causes physical defects in a developing embryo.

  • testis

    The male gonad or reproductive organ.

  • testosterone

    One of the male sex hormones.

  • tetanus

    An infectious disease, often fatal, caused by a Clostridium tetani bacteria. The bacteria usually enters the body through wounds. Characterized…

  • tetany

    A continuous muscle spasm.

  • thalassemia

    An inherited type of chronic anemia.

  • therapeutic

    A substance or treatment that’s effective in treating disease.

  • thoracentesis

    A surgical puncture and drainage of the chest cavity.

  • thoracic

    Having to do with the chest.

  • thorax

    The chest.

  • thrombocyte

    A platelet.

  • thromboembolism

    Blockage of a blood vessel by the piece of a blood clot that has broken loose from its original…

  • thrombosis

    Formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel or the heart.