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  • narcissistic

    Self-centered, being “in love” with oneself.

  • narcolepsy

    Frequent and uncontrolled desire for sleep.

  • nausea

    A feeling of sickness in the stomach, sometimes followed by the urge to vomit.

  • nebulizer

    A device that produces a very fine vapor to be inhaled.

  • necrosis

    Death of a cell or tissue.

  • nematode

    A roundworm that may infest the digestive tract of humans.

  • neoplasm

    A new growth, tumor.

  • nephrectomy

    Surgical removal of a kidney.

  • nephritis

    Inflammation of a kidney.

  • nephropathy

    Disease of the kidneys. Swelling or breakdown of the kidney.

  • nephrosis

    A disease of the kidney that causes malfunction but no inflammation. Also called nephrotic syndrome.

  • nerve

    A cord-like structure made up of special tissue for carrying electrical impulses from one part of the body to…

  • neuralgia

    Pain along the course of a nerve.

  • neuritis

    Inflammation of a nerve.

  • neurofibromatosis

    An inherited disorder that causes dark spots on the skin and tumors of the skin, peripheral, optic and acoustic…

  • neurology

    The branch of medicine that pertains to the nervous system.

  • neuroma

    A benign but sometimes painful tumor growing on a nerve.

  • neuron

    A nerve cell.

  • neuropathy

    Disease of the nervous system or of an individual nerve.

  • neurosis

    An emotional disorder that can interfere with a person’s ability to lead a normal life.

  • neutrophil

    A mature white blood cell with a three- to five-lobed nucleus.